The story is set in a fictional time and location on east coast USA. It begins with David, a freshman starting high school in 1990s. He meets Karen, a sophomore repeating history class for the semester. Her involvement becomes a catalyst for David's solitary world.

This comic has observations and themes related to dreams, loneliness, sex, art, and mental illness. It is intended for mature audiences only. 
It's a long story with two parts, gradually unraveling towards the purpose. First part featuring school and daily life.



David Randall Sotersby
DOB: November 8
Favourite food/drink: salad, cherries, milk

Troubled. Suffers from conditions which impede sociability. Avoids recreational use of music, TV, movies, books, etc. Focuses on academia as a distraction.

Karen J. Mackenzie the III
DOB: April 29
Favourite food/drink: celeries, popcorn, water

Investigative. Atypical dialect from indeterminate origins. Has poor focus and is endlessly curious. Always wears a coat.


Jason R. Almas
DOB: September 28
Favourite food/drink: mac and cheese, banana bread, orange soda


Supportive. Hobbies surround in music. Generally pleasant but maintains boundaries. Has a troubled history with his brother.


Delilah Lailah Elias
DOB: February 3
Favourite food/drink: hot dogs, chips, apple juice


Bright. Determined of her creativity and eager for success. Enjoys being with her friends. 


A projection of David. Looks over development, but has an agenda.



You can call me Cooks.
I love animation and drawing comics. I attended SVA for Animation. 
I spend most of my time coming up with ideas and developing characters. 

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